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​Alignment is the key to everything that matters to you in your life, and understanding it as well as how to consistently live in a state of alignment is hands down the single most important thing you can do for yourself.  It is where all miracles, magic, manifestation and good things begin and end. It is the hidden ingredient at the root of every recipe in life. In other words, how much or how often you are in alignment directly relates to your level of happiness and satisfaction in your life. It’s also referred to as “being in the flow”, “being centered and connected”, “being Who You Really Are”, and for all you Abraham-Hicks fans out there, “being in the vortex”. 

It is feeling clear, inspired, certain, and confident that literally anything is not only possible but that you are capable of it all and have access to the resources you need to create consciously and intentionally. It is the keen awareness that you are a part of, indeed one with, something much bigger than yourself. Some call it God-consciousness, and of course, there are different degrees to it.

Spiritual Mentoring is based on the principles that life is supposed to be fun, and that we have everything we need at our finger tips and within us. It is specifically designed to help you build your own foundation for a life of alignment with Who You Really Are, with the process of life itself, blending your spirituality with your humanity in a deeply satisfying way, all while enjoying your ability to consciously create.
Our work together allows you to take all of the pieces that you have of this big, cosmic puzzle and put them together in a functional, experiential way. In other words, no more running around in circles in your mind, it’s time to have fun with this stuff and enjoy what we were made for! 

I believe Spiritual Mentoring is beneficial for everyone, as it is a process that once engaged in you will receive exactly what you need at this time in your journey. However, it is most impactful for the ready and willing individual who is clear there is a better way to live but may not yet know what that looks like or how to achieve it, and who is absolutely determined and dedicated to getting there.

Spiritual Mentoring: