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About Me


"I couldn't even begin to tell you all the amazing things Julie has done for me through her reiki and intuitive guidance, but just to name a couple: she has helped my kids when they have been sick, told me I was pregnant before I knew, helped eliminate what was quickly becoming a nasty sinus infection, and connected me to my guides and my own gifts even more. She is worth every penny and much more than that!"
- Nova Wightman

"Wow! What an experience! I wanted to see Julie for a reiki session to learn more about myself and boy did I get that! After the session I felt a weight lifted and an updated version of myself appeared. Get ready to learn about yourself, your life, and feel energy the you've never felt before! I'm already looking forward to my next session!"

-Michelle Foss

​"Julie is an incredibly talented Reiki healer and teacher. Her sessions are amplified by her intuitive gifts. During both face to face and distant healings with her, she helped release anxiety and digestive issues I was dealing with.  After all my sessions with her I have felt lighter and stronger both inside and out!"

​-Jenn Rosario

I have had these gifts my entire life but didn't became aware of them until the age of 30. You could say it was an awakening which lead to spending the last 7 years diving deep into psychic development. I spent as much time as I could on classes, workshops & coaching with other experienced intuitive mediums to define my gifts. I am not only an intuitive medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner. My Reiki training has given me a deep understanding of energy. How it works, how it effects our daily lives and mainly how to manage it. I am also a Spiritual Mentor that can help you access your own gifts!

I am so grateful to be able to share these gifts with others. I have an amazing team of angels and guides that work closely with me to give you the best session possible. I opened Even Flow for a one stop wellness facility that specializes in intuitive work. I offer a wide variety of holistic healing options to meet your needs. I believe in not only healing the mind & body, but aligning both with your soul as a way to create more ease, joy and flow in your life.  

-​Julie Boudewyns

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